Monday, February 1, 2010

101 in 1001 - The list

101 things to do in the next 1001 days...

Beginning February 1, 2010, ending Monday, October 29, 2012

The rules:
•I made these 101 things doable because I want to actually accomplish them. I would like to, in theory, run a marathon. But, I would much rather run a 10K with my husband, and that's a goal I can actually see coming to pass in the next 2 and a half years, so it makes the list instead.
•If the goal is to do something once a week or month or everyday, I will tally it. Once I've reached the number goal, I'm done, even if I still have days, months, or weeks to go. Making myself do something everyday never turns out well, so hopefully this method will be easier.

Crafty Fox 
1. Make a quilt.
2. Embellish a onesie for our favorite expecting married couple, Ian & Onna (though I may wait until after the baby is born, they are waiting to find out the sex!)
3. Modify an awful piece of clothing to render it wearable.
4. Make a crochet squid for Garrett.
5. Complete 33 DIY projects I find online.
6. Buy a button maker.
7. Open an etsy shop
8. Learn how to embroider and embroider something awesome.
9. Make a font out of my own handwriting (which requires that I make my handwriting worth fonting)

All Quiet on the Homefront 
10. Spend an entire week eating only home cooked meals.
11. Play the Newlywed Game with another married couple (or two, sign up now!) (technically the couples weren't married but I think it still counts)
12. Take cooking classes or have a great cook teach me.
13. Move into a new place. (oh thank goodness!)

14. Host a yuppy wine tasting/guessing party where we see if guests can distinguish between the cheap stuff and the good stuff.
15. Cook 101 different recipes. (2/101)
16. Organize my closets [shudder]
17. Host a big sleepover.
18. Set up a weekly routine of need to do things (such as, taking the trash out or organizing my tumblr) and stick to it.
19. Organize my computer and external hard drives.
20. Keep track of all finances for a month and adjust spending based on the sure to be shocking results.
21. Host a dinner party, complete with invitations.

Choose Your Own Adventure 
22. See Paris.
23. Have a Honeymoon
24. Take a trip to NYC (I've been once with my fam and once with Garrett's, and I think it would be tres fun to go just the two of us. and bum on someone's couch)
25. Spend a week with Garrett at his grandparents' in Needham, AL.
26. Visit my Grandmother in Galveston, TX.
27. Go see Glacier Park before it all melts away.
28. See a Bama game at Bryant Denny Stadium. (Georgia State Game 2010)
29. Visit Chicago.
30. See a show at Bottletree
31. Take a Trip to DC

Keeping up Appearances 
32. Get a functional haircut (because the lifeless shape of my "mullet" as Garrett lovingly calls my hair, is sad)
33. Wear only dresses for a month (My main outfit for the day will have to be a dress).
34. Photograph my hairstyles for a month.
35. Find a new purse, preferably one that fits my camera (or buy the Kelly Moore bag)
36. Find the perfect pair of jeans (any suggestions? I am petite (5'3"), have no backside to speak of, and I have proportionately large thighs and calves)
37. Run a 10K with my husband.
38. Be able to do one pull up. (as of January 2012!)
39. Get picked southern femme of the week (dress better).
40. Paint my fingernails, just because.
41. Get a new pair of glasses.

I turn my camera on 
42. Spend a whole day photo scouting (any boy or girl scouts who would like to be my guide to Birmingham?)
43. Have one photo session a week and blog about them (whether it be a shoot with my husband, the landscape, for fun, or something paid) (5/143 shoots)
44. Upgrade my flickr account to pro and justify it (I use flickr for things I wouldn't add to my photography blog, random photos of outfits I wear or muffins that I think look pretty).
45. Take 1001 upload worthy non-work related images.
46. Create a photograph inspired by a great photographer.
47. Get back into the darkroom!
48. Shoot some film at a wedding (don't laugh when I pull out my pentax k1000 guys)
49. Get my Diana film developed. this was so expensive! I had 5 rolls and it ended up being just under $100. I'll have to be more discerning in my diana photographing!
50. Have a Disfarmer style photo night of portrait sessions
51. Get a TLR
52. Upgrade my camera Nikon D700 and I'm in love!

of the Internets 
53. Comment on my favorite blogposts at least once a day (total of 1001 comments) -this one has yet to prove difficult, and I'm not going to tally, since it would be ridiculous, instead this will serve more of a reminder that I need to be commenting on blogs

54. Meet one of my favorite bloggers in person. Lauren de La Croix of WeddingBee fame!
55. Do a "What's in my Bag" blogpost.
56. Help someone else complete a goal on their 101 in 1001.
57. Update the blog to make it easier to navigate.
58. Reach 100 followers on dash, pinch, smidgen (as in, they follow me via blogger or googlereader)
59. Feature 143 local vendors/businesses that I think are great! (4/143)
60. Finish my wedding recap! (I don't know why it's so hard!)
61. Go through my tumblr and add tags to make it more navigable.
62. Double my average monthly hits to the blog.

Mind your own [business] 
63. Get new headshots for my website 
64. Launch Southern Spin with my partner in crime, Megan LaRussa
65. Have my photography featured in a magazine.
66. Do some studio style portraits with a white backdrop.
67. Execute a photobooth setup.
68. Do a 1-on-1 with a photoshop guru.
69. Design a full set of photo cards for my clients (baby announcements, save the dates, christmas cards, etc)
70. Order sample albums for all of my photography package options (and find an affordable engagement guestbook to offer)
71. Get letterpress business cards.
72. Create an organized, inspiring workspace

It's Not You, It's Me (22)
73. See 101 movies (1/101)
74. Join a women's social club.
75. Buy/own something from Hermes (besides the perfume, Kelly Caleche, that I received as a Christmas present in 2008. it smells faintly of leather and is so lovely). (I have a twilly!)
76. Pay off my student loans.
77. Climb a tree.
78. Be the subject of a boudoir shoot.
79. Get a pedicure (never have I ever had a pedicure. this clearly needs to be remedied!)
80. spend a day doing some serious thrift store shopping. (I think operation Martha's wedding counts)
81. Get a new car (new to me, lease or own). (2010 Mazda 3 and I looove it!)
82. Take a French class.
83. Have a picnic with my husband.
84. Read one book a month (1/33 books)
85. Get my wedding and engagement rings resized (they've always been loose but I haven't wanted to part with them!)
86. Stay up until the sunrise Marie Antoinette style (from the movie, she stays up till sunrise on her birthday)
87. Sip on some Dom Perignon Champagne.
88. Drink Moet and Chandon while listening to "Killer Queen"
89. Record a song (silly or not) with the husband.
90. Discover 33 new songs that I really, really like. (2/33)
91. Find a Japanese conversation partner here in Birmingham (I took Japanese in college and hate that I've forgotten almost all of it)
92. Learn 1001 new words (old words count if I didn't really get what they meant before, but other languages do count)
93. Find a video game I'd actually like to play (any good PS3 games for a girly novice like me?)
94. Design and Print our wedding album.

Okay, so it's you. 
95. Send someone an anonymous mixed cd.
96. Send one handwritten note a week. (2/143)
97. Run a giveaway on this blog. (what would you like to win?)
98. Buy 10 things from etsy sellers. (4/10 personalized hangers, washi tape, typewriter kit for G, divine twine)
99. Give a free lesson to a budding photographer.
100. Volunteer for a good cause
101. Baby-sit for friends or family so that they can take a night out.

If you have your own 101 in 1001 please comment with a link! And, if you want to help me complete one of my goals I'd love the help!


  1. Choose Your Own Adventure (10)
    •visit DC/Baltimore & frolick w/feebs among the cherry blossoms!! anytime btw 3/27/10-4/11/10 :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this list! So creative, bien sur! And yes to launching Southern Spin! See you tomorrow!

  3. long responses (may they be motivating to revisit this list!):

    first- i love the caption names you have on this list. precious.

    5. ooh! i love your craftiness! how many projects have you done thus far? what are they like? where do you get your ideas and instructions?
    9. how does one make a font?
    14. this sounds divine!
    12. that's on my list too!
    23. did you not get to go on one post-elopement? i need to hear the story of this wedding.
    32. i love your current haircut!
    33. samesie.
    34. i would love to see that.
    39. how does one do that?
    69. this is sort of unrelated, but i just ordered valentine's day cards (from pictures my friend took of my boyfriend drew and me at the end of december) and i'm really excited about them. i love printing pictures and making photo cards!
    71. i definitely need to figure out SOME sort of business card to get. i've been looking at since you told me about them. now i just have to figure out what to say and what to show!
    78. i intend to do this for my husband's wedding present when i get married. one day…
    83. ooh ooh! last valentine's day i made a mini-picnic in my apartment. i threw down a quilt on the living room floor, cooked dinner, and it was pretty lovely. i'd like to go on a real picnic sometime, though.. just as long as it's not freezing or burning up outside. (who wants to shiver or sweat through dinner?)
    85. yes you must do that! what if they fall off one day?!
    87. one day i will do the same. it has to be a pretty perfect day, but the problem is you can't just wait forever on something to be absolutely perfect. le sigh.
    96. we could totally be pen pals.

  4. So, Kelly, I've neglected my poor 101 so badly...but I'm working on renewing it!

    So for 5. I haven't really done any projects yet, though I have seen some massive projects on instructables that would be pretty cool. One in particular that I might/should try.

    9. making a font, I actually did find a website that lets you make one for free but you can't download it, so I'm still working on that. This website says you can!

    14.maybe you can be in Birmingham when I do my yuppy wine tasting :)

    23. Our honeymoon was more of a mini-moon in San Francisco after we got married. Our plan was/is? to wait and take a bigger one later, to Belgium or Iceland. The next time I'm in Nashville I can fill you in on the whole shebang :)

    32. Thanks! I have been going through a lot of phases since doing the Carey Mulligan but I've loved having really short hair, it's a very strengthening experience honestly.

    39. One of my friends runs Southern Femme, it's a pretty great fashion blog for women. I think I was on southern femme of the week once, I'll have to check that out and link to it :)

    69. valentine's day cards how cute! to hand out or just for you and your boy?

    71. Let's have phone conference and order you some cards! If you don't need different messages or photos on every card there are some cheaper options than moo too. do you have good headshots? :)

    78. I love boudoir! I can't believe that's on my 101 though, that means I have to actually do it!

    83. We have a picnic basket and neeed to really use it! I feel like we did use it once but only to drink champagne which is silly. I love champagne.

    85. My ring fell off once and I flipped out because I looked down and it was gone! I was on the phone with someone and started cursing! Thank goodness it had fallen into my purse that I had been digging into but I was so upset until I found it! It's silly but I don't trust jewelers enough to leave my rings with them!! I need to get over that fear. I should get them engraved too.


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