Wednesday, February 17, 2010

always, sometimes, never

I came across a giveaway through i art u today and you can win really fun photo things. click on over to The Madness of Mundanity to enter!

Part of the entering is to answer these questions, so here it goes:

I always: pick the wrong way to go if I'm not sure whether to turn left or right.
I sometimes: laugh like scooby doo (which was just pointed out to me recently, and I think it's pretty funny)
I never: miss a part of a movie in a theater (not for bathroom breaks, falling asleep, walking out because it's awful, or to refill my popcorn) I only miss some if we arrive late, and honestly I can't stand to miss the previews. (my bff and I missed the first minute of Divine Secrets of the YaYa sisterhood and were confused for practically the entire movie.)

The fun thing about this giveaway is that you add your link to the post, making it a very interactive giveaway. A lot like blog-it-forward which I hope you are participating in!

Best of luck! You have until Feb. 21st to enter!

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