Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What inspires me most...

I am following in the footsteps of Dashily who has passed the torch on to me in sfgirlbybay's blog it forward. Basically, we are 300 bloggers talking about what inspires us most, and there are 10 groups of 30 blogs that are spiraling forward in a chain of thought.

I prefer images more than words when it comes to inspiration, these are the things that make me light up. I am inspired by beautiful things, by fonts, by physically sensing the world, by light, color, textures. I am inspired by seeing other people do things I wish I'd thought of. I am inspired by my husband who indulges my photographic whims. Eating a lot of chocolate tends to do some good as well.


by diane arbus

this picture is of salvador dali by phillippe halsman

by walker evans

Miss N by Gertrude Kasebier

nothing makes me happy like a good dress. I love excuses to wear great clothes, and seeing other people do it flawlessly.

dress by Alexander McQueen

image by mads teglers via postcards from dreamland

alice in wonderland image by annie liebovitz

I want to keep jumping on the furniture and I don't see why not. I think grown ups encourage children to grow up because they're jealous they are no longer children. My favorite books are children's books. I still love the idea of being under the blankets, playing in the ocean, pillow fights, and sleepovers.

blanket fort (via flickr user smwright)

treehouses. (image source)

I never had a cape, and my life has suffered for it. via say YES! to hobeken

jelly shoes via flickr like_shipwrecks

pretending to be a spy or detective was an everyday occurence.
(source: flickr)

twirling in dresses (via flickr)

I have wanted to make a quilt for at least 6 years now, and now I've married into a family of quilters. I want nothing more than to collect fabric from everyone that means anything to me and put them into a quilt. They are the most beautiful things you can possibly own.

this one is called "single girl" how perfect is that? denise schmidt

The lovely things these ladies write, find and create make me want to do the same. They are the reason I will be getting a sewing machine this year. And forcing myself to do 101 things in the next 1001 days. I know they could do it.

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Check Daughter Earth tomorrow for her post on what inspires her most!


  1. Great post!

    Jelly shoes are so much fun. And "Miss N" is a great image.

    I really loved the childhood stuff. Childhood was such an amazing time, full of discovery -- and inspiration was always right around the corner.

  2. Your list made me smile when I came to your childhood section. Jellies!! And I, too, never had a cape and feel so deprived. I remember wanting one so much... I picked out patterns and fabric, but could never convince my mother to make one for me. :D

  3. I too am a fan of your thoughts on childhood--you would have been a magical childhood friend! I wish we lived in the same area so we could schedule a jumping-on-the-furniture playdate!

  4. I love Arbus too! (Was so happy to see the SFMOMA exhibit a few years ago)

    Um, I've been saving fabric for a quilt and I dig treehouses!

    Here's some of my campers treehouses:

  5. Great post! That cape is so cute; I have little girls, and I must start dressing them in capes!

  6. Love it! I am totally with you on the childhood thing- I think that's why sometimes why I love to blog so much (to try to relive childhood]

  7. I definitely wanted to be Harriet the Spy when I was a kid! (I mostly just wanted to hide in a dumbwaiter). Those quilts are also gorgeous.

  8. you know how much i love diane arbus, right?

    also harriet the spy was my jam.

  9. wonderful inspiration. i am a HUGE arbus fan as well. sorry i'm late to the game, but was out of town. thanks again for joining in!


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