Sunday, February 14, 2010

The getting and keeping of hair; V-day

One of my 101 in 1001 is to take pictures of my hair every day for a month because I always try to dress & style my hair better when photography is involved. So, here's a trial run. The back is really messy because I styled my hair at night after keeping it in a top knot all day. But it is very similar to my hair for our Valentine's Day outing yesterday (actually Galentine's Day if you watch Parks & Rec). We saw Casablanca at the Alabama Theatre (I'd never been inside and it is breathtaking) and ate dinner at Fleming's with our friends Ian & Onna (they had a sharing menu with a filet and half lobster each, and 2 sides + a salad. we won.). I wore a dress I'd bought with no occasion in mind while we were in San Francisco after the National Championship.

Process: hot curlers, lots of bobbypins. I used a curling iron for a few pieces that resisted my curling efforts. Top off with a lot of hairspray (I use Nexxus and I really like the resulting texture)

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  1. glad you posted what king of hair spray you used bc i can never find one that will hold my hair! LOVE yours by the way! and your outfits! :)


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