Saturday, February 13, 2010

Helium :: The Pre-Memorial ::Running out of gas

I discovered via A Cup of Jo the other week that we are running out of helium (she always seems to know what's up!) and immediately freaked out. They estimate that we will be completely out of helium in 10 years. What?! My children may never see a balloon float. It makes me want to hoard a helium tank in a basement somewhere so that my kids can experience helium. UP is going to seem even more fantastic by the time my children see it. I am almost crazy enough to want to hurry up and have children just to extend their balloon eligible years. Okay, so forget all of my craziness and enjoy this tribute to the magical element via photographs taken by other people.

also via The Design Files, this is actually a project by Clementine Henrion entitled Helium Eternal inspired by the impending doom for helium. The balloons are actually made of fabric and suspended in air with wire.

99 red balloons? It doesn't matter, they are lovely. And endangered.

via anne

via photographer Ben Blood

via sweet eventide (she's part of blog it forward, so you should visit her blog!)

balloon garland from 2000 dollar wedding

Who's in for a giant going away party for our helium friends?

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