Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOVEing Giveaways!

I'm not quite sure what to give away on my blog just yet...but here are some amazing contests via other blogs that you must enter!

Love Knot Ring by Ariel Jordan, giveaway on A Cup of Jo. Hurry, the winner will be picked tomorrow (2/11)!

hey fellow photogs! win a Kelly Moore bag! enter by 2/12.

gingham note cards by Bklynstitch giveaway on darling dexter.

Snippet & Ink giveaway, headband by Eddera. Enter by midnight 2/14.

Black Eiffel mini L letterpress giveaway, enter by 2/14.

$30 gift certificate to vintageholic frog via oh, hello friend.

Music & Lyrics giveaway on Weddingbee. Win a 32 GB ipod touch & 6 cds for listening to and commenting on 3 songs! enter by 2/15.

Kate Spade bag giveaway from Oh, Joy. enter by 2/12. 

Ruche $50 gift certificate giveaway. enter by 2/14!

mint's birthday giveaway! win 50 calling cards. enter by 2/22

I also have a random question: Do you ever sign up for giveaways when you don't really want the prizes? 
It reminds me of bidding on a jukebox on price is right. 

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