Thursday, February 11, 2010

Recipe 3/101 Asparagus Tempura

So, last night I fixed some Hamburger Helper (except it was complete so it included the meat, you just add milk), and it was okay but not amazing. But only like 3 dollars so it's still a win. I made tempura as a side though, and it is soo easy and tasty.

If you've never made tempura here's the scoop. Heat vegetable oil in a pot or pan (I used a tiny pot and cut the asparagus into halves). Make your batter with water & flour, think pancake consistency. I used medium high to high heat. To see if the oil is hot enough, drop in some batter and if it rises to the top bubbling and then turns brown you win. Dip the asparagus (or shrimp, broccoli, whatever) in the batter and carefully drop it into the pot. I recommend tongs for removing them once they've browned. It's a really quick process and so delicious with soy sauce for dipping. You can add some salt and pepper to the batter as well.

I did burn the oil at first because I forgot that you have to drop the batter in (NOT WATER, btw), I thought it would bubble on it's own like water. Haha! I consulted my handy "How to Cook Everything" to see where I went wrong. The oil smoked and filled the apt with fried oil smell but we worked it out by opening all the windows and doors and lighting some of my Christmas candles. I need some non seasonal scents to cover up my cooking mistakes.

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