Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charm::Local Feature:: Birmingham, AL

A few weeks ago for the second time I wandered into the lovely Charm on Second Avenue North (across from Urban Standard, which you most certainly know if you are an artsy type in Birmingham). My first visit was during the Decembered frenzy in which I had to buy a secret santa gift exchange present for someone I'd never met. I had such a hard time giving away the goods I purchased, which is why I knew I'd be back.

Charm opened last September and every girl I knew was immediately telling me I had to go. Owner Chatham took great care in arranging and decorating the store, painting the wall art herself, and allowing local artists to help her change out the window displays regularly. 

Three days after the shop opened, a kitty showed up. Lovingly named Wild Nasty, she's found a home in the shop. If you are dying to have the "Edison lightbulb", new ones can be purchased in the shop!

Charm features mostly jewelry but also has a pretty large selection of handbags, some paper goods, and eclectic goodies as well. When I was there last, a vintage polaroid camera was for sale, as well as a working vintage telephone. 

Chatham has collected jewelry since she was 15 and has offered up some of her own pieces in the store. Other vintage pieces come from estate sales and local pickers bringing in items that fit the charm aesthetic. New pieces are often found in New York showrooms. The mix is wonderful, and there really do seem to be pieces to fit the dainty, eccentrics, and classics. Charm makes a great stop for bridesmaid gifts and birthday presents, and many items can be found in the $20-30 range.

Chatham keeps some local items available, from a limited number of artists (to avoid competition), in the shop, including these crocheted headbands pictured left. As the artists featured do change, feel free to ask Chatham about her current local pieces.

I bought the gorgeous knotted bracelet for the Christmas exchange (lucky for my recipient it was too big for my tiny wrist, if not I don't know that I could've given it away!)

I purchased the turquoise and white scarf on the right, I love houndstooth!

Huge thank you to Chatham from Charm for letting me pop in for a very long visit and learn all of her secrets. If you've been there be sure to leave a comment with what you think (and what you bought!) and if not, go now!


  1. I am heading to Charm tomorrow, and I can't wait! Thanks for the preview.

    By the way - love your blog! I've been getting my blog going for the past month - hope you'll stop by!

  2. LOVE Chatham & Charm!! I remember the days when I spent every weekend perusing through her old boutique, Jinx…She knows how to pick the best treasures for her store!
    Everyone needs to go to Charm!


  3. Wow, I want to go there! It looks amazing..


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