Friday, March 5, 2010

Lace earrings

I found this amazing lace jewelry store, White Owl on etsy, via Southern Weddings, and had an idea! If you are having your bridal gown altered and some of the lace will be cut, it would make a lovely pair of earrings. You could wear it along with your gown for your wedding (which may or may not be too much depending on your gown), or you could wear it after the wedding as a lovely way to re-wear your dress! It also seems like a great alternative to reusing or altering a mother's or grandmother's dress.

I don't think the lace on my my dress would lend itself well to earrings, the pattern is too large, so I might just go buy one of these pairs and feel like a bride everyday. Most earrings are $18 and necklaces $28-$29.


  1. (I just commented on this but it didn't appear, so apologies if it's a double comment!)
    I have lace remnants from my dress, and I can't wait to see if I can make earrings from them. Thanks for the great idea!


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