Monday, April 26, 2010

Vibram five fingers

If you've been to an outdoor store in the past few months, you've probably seen the shoes that claim to be the new barefoot. For the website, check out Vibram Five Fingers.

My husband is sure he'd want to run if he owned a pair. I feel like they are probably a novelty that will die out in a few years. I know they're saying that people wearing normal shoes all of the time is reducing the use of muscles in our feet and that doing activities barefoot (or with these barefoot like shoes) would retrain our muscles... but I'm also recalling a study a few years ago about how flip-flops had ruined our feet because there was no arch support. (Or is that just for people with already flat feet?) 

That didn't keep me from trying them on, and I didn't try on multiple pairs. I have 2 toes that don't separate all the way (it's hardly noticeable), and the fabric between the toes was really uncomfortable there. I think I'd have to go up a size or two from my regular size to remedy the problem (the website faqs says they don't have custom pairs for webbies like me). It's not likely I'll shell out $100 for a pair any time soon, though I like the idea/look/oddity of it. 

Has anyone actually bought a pair that they can weigh in on?


  1. I have a pair. I really like them but yeah, some feet just won't fit into them.

  2. I have a couple of friends who wear these. They seem to like them. I bet they wouldn't work for me though, with my second toe being all crazy longer than my big toe, haha.


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