Wednesday, April 28, 2010

gone tomorrow

It's well overdue, but I've cut off all my hair. I had been growing my hair out since we were engaged in December 2008 (it was a little past my earlobes at that point) and I hadn't cut or trimmed it at all (even the frayed end bits would add to the volume of the updo).

My hair in Dec/Jan 08 (the right is pre-engagement and the left is post. sorry for the two-toned awfulness, I was in the process of going back from brown to blonde)

I had no real intention of cutting any of it off (no post-wedding chop plan), it had been so long since I'd had it shaped that I figured I could make something of my limp hair with some clever scissor help. After the Oscars and after I'd made a hair appointment for said shaping, Garrett (husband) suggested the Carey Mulligan look. She has a pretty round face and so do I, and I rarely resist suggestions as to hairstyles, so I considered it. Garrett was afraid of being responsible if I hated it, so I left it up to Mallory (Oak Street Hair Group in Birmingham if you need a stylist).

(updo for Valentine's Day 2010)

I knew what she'd go for, she prefers short hair for herself and she's not the kind of personality that will cut your hair an inch longer than you want just because they are afraid you won't like it if it's as short as you say you want. So, I let her do it. I'd received mostly cries of "Yes!" on my unofficial facebook poll, with a few no's (including my sister who said it was thinly veiled rosemary's baby hair, and since I have yet to see it, I didn't let that ruin it for me).
(random, fairly recent pre-cut hair. sorry that I have 0 pictures of it down but it looked so bad unless I curled it. it was well past my shoulders, if that helps.)

I was so nervous driving back with my haircut, Garrett didn't know which I would get, the Mulligan or the trim, and I was desperately hoping I hadn't transformed into a completely unattractive boy. He loved it, which is fortunate, since I'm stuck with hair fit for a pixie for at least another 6 months.

I hate reading long posts online, so I will leave it there, but I intend to discuss my revelations that come along with having short hair, and would love to hear your own hair adventures or answer questions.


  1. The cut looks gorgeous on you! Glad you went for it!

  2. I LOVE IT! You are so brave! Although I must say, I love the color blonde you are. Its so pretty with your face!

    Hey I'm having a clothing swap, in Nashville which I know may not be totally close to you but you are welcome to come, its on a Wednesday night (yeah also way not convenient).

  3. I just came across your blog today... but I have to say I LOVE this cut on you. It's so flattering.


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