Monday, October 4, 2010

First Anniversary Gifts for the Menfolk

Hello there. I apologize profusely for my absence, fortunately I have had a very busy wedding season with my photography business and unfortunately am now playing the most intense game of catch up on blogging and marketing. So if you want to be my life intern, let me know [wink].

In other news, Garrett & I celebrated our first anniversary this Sunday (although this was the 3rd one, if you recall we were illegitimately joined by a friend of Garrett's on August 13th, legally joined in the San Francisco City Hall on the 14th [the same place Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married], and our blessing and reception were October 3rd).

Garrett and I have become less involved with presents as we've been growing up, although it's mostly a need to conserve space because a one bedroom apartment is infinitely smaller when you add two people, their possessions, and wedding presents. But, I have a strong desire to follow the traditional list of wedding presents, and the first year equals paper.

There are a lot of really cheesy and awful ideas out there, like puzzles with your wedding photos on them, or anniversary toilet paper (which could be a subtle way to remind a forgetful spouse I guess?)

So, here are some ideas for the rest of you newlyweds, which I offer in exchange of helping me think something up for Garrett. We're both delinquent on picking out gifts (but our birthdays were pretty recent and we've eaten out a lot to celebrate the anniversaries) so maybe we'll combine our powers into an awesome gift. I think a winning lottery ticket would be pretty sweet.

1. Moleskine cover for kindle : Real Paper + E-paper

image via
The cover has a moleskine reporter style notebook on the inside flap. Aren't you just dying right now?

Garrett received a kindle from his parents this year for his birthday and when he discovered this cover a few weeks ago I was cursing the fact I didn't find and buy it first, it is probably the best possible present for Garrett ever invented. But, he got it for himself, so we'll move on.

2. Letterpress Calling Cards

Letterpress goods are sexy. The cards from Brooklyn Social Cards are $250 for 250 cards, +$75 if you want to submit your own design. They also have letterpressed gift certificates, so you could let your guy design his own if you wanted. 

3. Boudoir Prints

I had a surge of Boudoir sessions the past few months which got me thinking what a wonderful present a boudoir session would be. The paper part comes in when you present the gift as a print or album. I suppose men could also give a (paper) gift certificate for a boudoir session to their womenfolk, because they are ridiculously fun, but it might just come off as a present for yourself instead.

Just for perspective, my boudoir sessions currently run for $250 which includes an approximately 2 hour session with a disc of high resolution images, 25 4x6 prints, and an option to purchase an album (with no design fee).

4. Show him the directions for how to make a copy of his favorite gun out of paper. (I'd say make him one, but that's like giving someone a lego set you've already put together).

It's pretty easy to find tons of websites with videos and instructions, just type in "paper gun instructions". Here's a link (and above photo) from instructables.

5. A custom paper cut-out

via remodalista, cutout by Rob Ryan

paper cutout by Made by Julene

The San Francisco cutout would be cute since Garrett & I got married there, but the Made by Julene cutouts are often custom and somewhat pricey (justifiably though, they are amazing). They make me think of our Disney World silhouettes (just because paper cutting is magical). I would love to commission one for Spindle Photography one day.

The usual:

• a framed share of a stock that means something to the two of you 
• a book 
• a love letter
• a gift certificate

For the less literal gift givers, here are some paper related ideas:

Paper Mario (video game)
• Paper Tiger (song by Spoon)
Paper Toss for iphones and Droids (game)
• South Park on dvd

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