Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gifts for the Photographer in your life.

I saw some Polaroid notecards in Books-A-Million (or BAM! as Garrett calls it) and thought about how that would be something fun to have, but not the kind of thing I'd buy myself. I'm crazy about lists, and you probably are too, so here are a few fun photo-related gift ideas. If you are looking for something practical, ask yourself why. 

1. Leica Look-A-like iphone skin

$13 at the Petapixel Store. Found via twitter (@abryanphoto) on Katie Armour's blog

2. Lens Look-a-like coffee mugs

We certainly love when things resemble our gear. Because we most certainly want more. Always. 
We want to drink from it. Sleep on it. Keep it in our nests. Just make sure you know if they are Nikon or Canon. 
(Just so you can be a better judge of my character,  I'm Nikon.)

$36-55 on, and they come in the 24-105mm for Canon, 24-70 for Nikon, and the 70-200 for both. 
$24 for the 24-105 Canon at Photojojo

3. Polaroid notecards

Pretty sure these are the ones I saw at BAM! $14.95 for 20 cards at Chronicle Books

4. Camera arm extender for the person who always looks like they are in a myspace photo.

You'd definitely want to limit this to your point and shoot for weight, but especially when you are a tourist in another country anyway, you can't look that silly with a camera extender.

You can find The Collapsible Camera Extender for $24.95 at the Photojojo Store

5. The Zumi Digital Camera
I don't shoot any video currently, but I definitely would with a zumi, they create some pretty hip 8mm style videos
 The Zumi Digital (2.0) is available for $190 at the Photojojo Store

6. Miniature Camera Replica with interchangeable lenses, $28

They seem to only have Canon, but the dinosaur with the camera is still amazing. Of course Photojojo is taking over this list, they tend to have really clever and inexplicably desirable goods. I do disagree with their idea of gifting a friend a tiny replica of the really expensive zoom lens they've been lusting after. That's just cruel.

7. A Lensbaby, $270

These attach to a digital camera for an awesome and fun tilt shift effect. I recommend the composer (I've played with one but don't own one. yet.)

8. Playmobil Wedding Photographer (with flower girl and ring bearer)
From the ridiculous Wedding Pavillion set that Playmobil has out now I saw this little gem at the local toystore. And even though I'm not a man in vest and khakis, I simply must have this set. They even have a wedding piano player. So clearly if you are getting married this year you need to thank everyone involved with a playmobil version of themselves.

$10.99 at ToysRUs.

You can also apparently buy Barbie as a baby photographer or her friend Becky as a school photographer. I really can't think of anything to say about that, I'll let you form your own opinions.

9.  Coby 1.5 inch Digital Photo Keychain $9-15 or the Tao Digital Photo Keychain ($10)

I am including this because it amuses me and it's too cheap not to want to buy it, take it with me to "networking events", for example,  and when I'm asked what I do, I'll pull out my keychain portfolio and smile. Who needs an ipad?

10. Camera tie tack, $10 (with mention of matching cufflinks) on etsy.

They also have these lego video camera cufflinks that I approve of for $19.99.

Have you seen an awesome photo gift that I don't have listed? I'd love to add more to the list so feel free to share!


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