Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mega Score: Day after Christmas at Urban Outfitters

I'm pretty bummed that after packing last night and psyching myself up for driving in the snow to the NC mountains to see my family, (a 7 hour drive if you could actually go the speed limit in snow in the south), we had to give up 18 miles in after passing 6 (according to Garrett who was counting) spun out cars, passing spewing sand/salt trucks, and stand still traffic on a highway with a 70mph limit.

Good did come of it. I don't know that I've been so proud of a shopping trip since that time I bought a $5 rainbow striped sweater at Belk in 8th grade. Behold, the deals I obtained at Urban Outfitters. Buying things on sale is probably cheaper and more beneficial than actual therapy (debatable and likely untrue, but I'm going to try it out anyway).

So, until the 31st, all sale items in-store are an extra 50% off. Boom.

Faux Leather Aviator Jacket by Sparkle and Fade $40.00

Lady Bird faux fur cropped jacket by Kimchi and Blue $25.00

Linus Blanket for $9 
only available in stores, I was shocked to get it so cheap! They had 75% off of holiday items and luckily it was included. G's been wanting one for years and I've always missed the sale, so merry day after Christmas to him!

Couldn't believe it. I might go back tomorrow and make sure that it was the last copy, because what a perfect gift/blog giveaway possibility!

I also bought a pink and black kimchi and blue dress for $15 that I plan to do some minor alterations to (shorten the straps mostly), and a $5 plaid button up top.

Did anyone else score big during the day after Christmas sales?

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