Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Writing killer thank you notes :: A preface

I really like physical mail correspondence. It's too bad that I forget to do it more frequently and that aside from my grandmother most people I stay in contact with are on facebook, so now rather than have a conversation through the post [I've just at this moment become very envious of Emily Post's name and want to change mine], I have nothing to ask and tell that the whole world doesn't already know.

I wasn't crazy about writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, not because I was not thankful, I saw the necessity and I like stationery quite a bit. The problems were the overwhelming nature of wedding planning, the multitude of presents, my forgetfulness in which gift givers were present at the wedding, which ones I had met, how to thank someone in a unique way and say enough but with a genuine tone.

I was probably a little burnt out from all of the wedding thank you's. My handwriting isn't great. I'd be a messy artist. I actually have no idea if my thank you notes wow people. They probably like my taste in paper goods, because it's an extravagance I don't feel very guilty about. I like buying letterpress cards, I like sending them out, and I love mail.

I would run to the mailbox as soon as the mail was set to arrive, full sprint. I would discourage my parents from checking the mail from the car on their way home, or make them pull up so that I could open it from the back seat. My best friend and I sent letters back and forth about tickle wars and newsletters with beauty tips, ways to beat boredom, wordsearches we created ourselves.

I can't stay directly on topic for long, which is why I'd never be any good at writing papers, I want to say everything. I want to do everything and live to be 113. I used to, at least. That's probably the only way I could fit everything in anyhow.

So, for the patient, I will write another post about my thoughts on actually writing thank you notes, and if you have your own ideas please share them, for the greater good.

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