Wednesday, January 19, 2011

101 in 1001- Movie List (in progress)

See the original post for all of my goals. This goal is to watch 101 movies in 1001 days, and it began on February 1, 2010, will end October 29 2013.

1. Casablanca- classic, I'd never seen it, and I think it has changed Garrett's attitude about old films, which I am glad for. I also want to re-watch, we watched at Alabama Theater and the sound was quiet for the forst 15 or so minutes so I couldn't catch all of the lines. They showed us trivia before and I found it amusing that while "Play it again, Sam," something I've heard my mom say all my life, came from Casablanca, it isn't said in the movie.
2. Princess and the Frog- So good! I was glad to see the old disney cartooning style and the story was great. Also, this is the first Disney film for me where the sad part turned truly happy.
3. Slumdog Millionare- I really enjoyed it but not as much as everyone else seemed to. It reminded me a lot of City of God, and I didn't know much about either before I watched them, but I definitely wasn't expecting so much violence/horrificness. My favorite part was the Bollywood style end credits.
4. Charlie Bartlett- Cute, and had a lot of nods to Harold and Maude, but I can't help thinking someone else could've taken this movie and made it great. I really liked Charlie  (Anton Yelchin), who went on to star as Chekov in Star Trek. And it has Robert Downey Jr.
5. Munich- I was completely on edge for absolutely all of this movie, but it was great (I need new adjectives). It's funny how much easier it is for me to watch graphic or violent movies now, I used to avoid them.
6. Away We Go- I was so ticked that this never came to Birmingham so we rented on Netflix. It was pretty good but couldn't live up to it's elusiveness.
7. Alice in Wonderland - Enjoyed it very much despite the nay-sayers.
8. Toy Story 3- I cried during this one as well, as much as I tried not to. Growing up is terrible. I'd rather not do it.
9. How to Train Your Dragon - Loved it and Garrett didn't stop raving about it. 3D movies are super expensive but this one was worth it.
10.  It Might Get Loud- Amusing and intriguing. My husband loves Jack White but I'd never really watched any video footage of him, I enjoyed it. And I felt bad for The Edge.
11. Kick Ass- I loved it. I didn't read the comics (and haven't read much of any comics really) but I really think they did an amazing job of making a superhero movie that transitioned between real life and the grit and humor of comics.
12. The Talented Mr. Ripley - Chilling and really well done.
13. An Education - loved the outfits and hair.
14. Iron Man 2- Not as good as the first. Oh well.
15. The Hangover- I appreciated it much more once I'd seen Zack Galifianakis's stand-up on netflix, but I enjoyed it anyway the first go round.
16. The Fountain- Strange (surreal) and depressing but lovely. I was shocked it came out in 2006, it had a 1997 look to it (in my very untrained opinion)
17. Nick Saban: Game Changer- I teared up during the intro. Amazing. I took pictures with the marquee and dressed up. That good.
18. Knight and Day- Really enjoyable.
19. Inception- I remember someone saying on Twitter that Inception would take over high school philosophy classes, replacing the Matrix. Rightfully so.
20. Jackass 2.5- I'd only seen bits and pieces of Jackass before watching this on Netflix, and it was much more watchable than it would've been to me a few years ago. Enough that I went to see...
21. Jackass 3-D - They did an amazing job with the intro & cinematography. Makes me want to take up film. But not of men purposefully hitting themselves in the nether regions.
22. Twilight- the first one. I was okay until he started running fast. 
23. The Social Network- Makes me love facebook again. Great acting, even if it's not 100% accurate (which is really too bad since everyone was crazytown), and the rowing scene is beautiful.
24. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - Hilarious probably unintentionally. And Carey Mulligan's baby bump made me want one. Enjoyable but ridiculous. And I need to see the first one still.
25. About a Boy- I'd just read the book. I really like both. Plus it's fun to see Tony from Skins as a child.
26. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1
27. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- I was as excited as anyone at seeing Brad Pitt as a teenager but this movie didn't do it for me. Most people I've talked to liked it, so it might be just me (and the friend I watched it with). I felt like old baby Benjamin looked like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings and I wasn't drawn to the love interest at all. Also, 2 hours and 45 minutes? Should've read that before we started watching.
28. Me Without You - I watched this one instantly on Netflix and I really enjoyed it. It's at times a pretty accurate portrayal of female friendships and madness. Plus Michelle Williams is in it.
29. True Grit- Amazing.
30. Dinner for Schmucks- I couldn't help feeling bad pretty much the whole time. A lot like Shallow Hal. 

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