Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bham Bride

I'm so excited with the new project I'm working on with fellow photographer, Morgan Trinker!

Being originally from North Carolina, it was really difficult to plan my wedding in a new place (Birmingham, Alabama), and especially since the online resources I found were lacking. I am very online-oriented, and most of the vendor websites I had seen online were outdated and unimpressive and the only vendor guides were subsidiaries of some larger company that surely knew nothing about the vendors that were paying them for advertising.

 Fortunately vendor websites have come a long way, but the lists that feature them are still really impersonal and overwhelming. We've got some really great ideas for creating an actual community for brides planning their wedding, and helping vendors out with knowing brides and communicating with them online.

Bham Bride will feature local events, giveaways from local wedding vendors, real weddings from Birmingham, vendor listings and features, polls and surveys, discussion boards, and inspiration.

If you are interested in contributing we want to hear from you! We'd love to have a large group of present and former brides (and vendors!) to contribute on topics of interest. Send us your thoughts or sign up to get involved!

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