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About Face and the NAKED palette.

Back when I blogged about my wedding plans for EAD way back in 2009, I remember posting a before and after of my wedding makeup trial at the Benefit counter (where I bought some $300+ of makeup that I then used to apply my own wedding makeup) and my surprise at the request of a makeup tutorial from some of the readers. I don't think anyone in real life would beg me for a makeup tutorial, because most likely they've seen more often than not, my forgetfulness at assuring the world that I have eyebrows (since I usually have blonde skin colored wisps above my eyeballs) and laziness in much beyond mascara on the average day. My skin gets shiny quickly, when I do remember that I own red lipstick I forget that I've applied it pretty immediately and end up with a half painted lip as soon as I eat a meal.

That being said, I am around makeup artists most every Saturday, and occasionally I watch with great intent of learning their magic tricks and becoming some phenomenal face shifter. This past 6 months or so I've noticed that every makeup artist seems obsessed with the NAKED palette by Urban Decay. I'm not one to put a significant amount of money into makeup, things that can be used up like makeup seem less useful than the clothes that I can wear over and over again, and even then I prefer shirts and dresses to pants and shoes. The idea of buying $50 foundation over using the clinique bonus time foundation my mom gave me that I mix with moisturizer to create my own tinted moisturizer (which has lasted me quite a while) escapes me, and even though I understand that expensive mascara would apparently transform me completely, it is only meant to last 4 months before your eye germs run rampant so I'd rather by a $5 tube.
NAKED palette photo by me

And so, like a poor fairy tale princess I gave up dreams of the NAKED palette. That is, until I resolved to finally spend the $50 Sephora gift card that a dear friend gave me on it. This was just a few weeks ago. I paid $5 with tax to purchase it, and it has changed my life. Note that life changes are usually small, but nevertheless my life is different. I looked up a tutorial using the makeup palette; and with no consideration of whether the guru on the video has the same bone structure, hair color, eye color, complexion as me (she doesn't), I've faithfully followed it with slight variation and enjoyed myself. Here's the video I watched if you are interested in viewing the tutorial.

and this is a VERY professional iphone photo of the results.

I realize I am quite behind on the times, as there is a NAKED2 palette and that's the next best thing, but I also realize that if people were willing to ask ME for makeup tutorials in 2009 there are a few other behind folks as well. So, NAKED palette = good, if for nothing else, encouraging variation and the remembrance of eyelids. It came with primer (good), and a brush (also good as I was unwilling to invest), and all of the colors are all in one place, which can't be said of my benefit eyeshadow from 2009 that I still have (and are quite similar to some of the colors in the NAKED palette) and the Bare Minerals eyeshadow that I bought sometimes last year (unscrewing all of the different caps and dealing with loose powder escapes me most days).

Other helpful possibilities that make me feel like I've tried:
-SPF foundation mixed with moisturizer= tinted moisturizer (currently I'm using a clinique sample SPF 15 though I'd use 30 if I had it) and the Bare Minerals moisturizer that comes with the starter kit. The real plus for me is that the foundation lasts longer and goes on more evenly than regular foundation and is lighter coverage which I prefer anyway.

-Benefit's eyebrow kit Brow Zings $30 (has lasted me since my wedding (I know you shouldn't keep makeup that long!) and is the only thing keeping me from appearing browless.

-Lipstick as blush. I don't know if it lasts very long (maybe not) but since I don't have the Bene Tint that I wish I had I make do with my super cheap NYC color red lip color and put tiny dots on my cheeks and rub them in.

-Mixing reds to create the perfect red. I use a Covergirl berry lip stain (also since my wedding) and add a classic red (the NYC color lipstick I mentioned above) on top to create the shade I actually want. I've red that for my skin/eye/hair combo I should stick to berry reds but I love the pop of a classic red, so this helps quite a bit. I also use a trick learned from Cup of Jo for longer lasting lipstick while drinking, lick your lips before you take a sip so it won't rub off on your glass. I still eat with wreckless abandon at times and lose all of my lip color in the middle but I'm getting better.

-Alternative to tweezing. No one should ever admit extra facial hair in my book, but since mine is all blonde you'd never know anyway. So hypothetically, I would enjoy removing hair from my chin and upper lip if I had it. And if I did, I'd use the R.E.M spring. The website would have you think it is painless. It is not. I might have no pain threshold. You can not use it on your eyebrows unless you want none, but if you just want to minimize peach fuzz it's something you can do every few days (the more you do it the less sensitive you'll be to the pain) and if you are odd about hair removal and like Biore pore strips like I do you might also like this.

Maybe in another life I will become a shapeshifting facechanger with my own worthwhile tutorials, but for now I'll enjoy picking up tips here and there, trying yet another cheap nailpolish or face mask or face cleanser (my newest like is tresemme's fresh start dry shampoo).

What are your favorite Beauty secrets?

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  1. I have the same palette! It's perfect. I would never have used gold glitter eyeshadow without buying this first.


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