Monday, June 11, 2012

Recipe for Press and other excitements

I am feeling restless in the most exciting ways.

Last week I went to Amy Flurry's workshop; Recipe for Press (she is the author of a book by the same name), at City Arts Boutique in Woodlawn (also a new discovery). My friend Cory told me about it at a top secret girls group meeting a few weeks ago, and immediately, despite the contradiction for someone who has declared to be "over" trying to get published, I was dead set on going. That probably speaks to just how much I really do want to be published.

After drinking a huge iced coffee from Urban Standard (thank you, Morgan), and a glass of white wine at the event, I was jittery and anxious and ecstatic all at once. Amy mentioned some of the designers and blogs and magazines that always make me swoon, the power of press, the importance of story, and immediately I felt this jolt to DO SOMETHING. Lots of things, really.