Friday, July 24, 2009

Creative Reply Card ideas...?

image from flickr

I feel like I've seen all kinds of creative reply card wording around the web and that I just failed to bookmark it or remember it. So perhaps you can help me.

I loathe the standard "will attend/will not attend"
and I'm not crazy about "accepts with pleasure/declines with regret"
"joyfully accepts/regretfully declines" is slightly better

Garrett will veto anything he deems lame but I saw one that said
_in person
_in spirit
and that was getting there.

I've seen something else that said something to the effect of:
_I'll be there!
_Celebrating from afar/elsewhere

So come on all you creative thinkers. I'm usually really good with puns and the like, but that'll probably run me into the lame category. And I do want to maintain class. Although, anything looks classy when letterpressed, right?

WOW I found an awful christmas one on
__ Yule bet! We'll be there!
__ Sorry, we have to bough out.

And I'm just not sure about the "will be there with bells on"

how about "please accept the presence of our presents instead" hahaha only kidding.

maybe it should say "let us eat cake!" for a yes. I really want a sign that says let them eat cake on our cake table. it shall be done. 


  1. you should have two. one that's for people 35+, and one for 34-. the one for older people would be in person or in spirit, or whatever, and the other would be like:

    __i am quivering with anticipation.
    __i would, but sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.

    (i don't know why, i just keep seeing that and it makes me laugh.)

  2. ours wasn't clever, but it was in french. and we met in high school french class. (mini AWWW moment.)

    and this person who has commented above me made a donnie darko reference, which makes me wonder whether or not they are my long lost soul mate.

  3. no wait...i just remembered....our invitations said "we do" and the reply cards said "will you?"


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